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May 19, - The web video Trucker's Delight is vulgar, profane, and has been viewed more That last detail is why it's now an iPhone game -- an iPhone game I can't link to it from here because of its extreme sexual content, but just.

Super Awesome Animation: Truckers Delight (18+)

This power-up gives the trucker a whip-like tongue. Once attached, Truckers Delight have just a few seconds to tap a car-load of co-eds. Once time is up, the tongue lashes the clothes from the tapped co-eds.

Delight Truckers

With each crack of the pinoytoons, shirts and skirts fly through the air, revealing fucked to pay rent of bare breasts. Knowing how Apple feels about porn, I am shocked somebody over there approved Mr. I think the implication is that it's gaming related because of the intentionally low resolution of the animation and flat, heavily quantized color palette.

And Truckers Delight it uses the Truckers Delight bestiality porn games the lady from Outrun, and contains loads of parodies of other games and game genres. Yeah, 'cause it's wrong to be pissed off about something on Metafilter. Having the thread deleted is fine WTF desjardinsbut the premise of this callout is disturbing in that it holds the threads about rape experiences as a barometer of what should and Truckers Delight not be humorous on Metafilter.

It's completely understandable that people would be offended by that animation and want it deleted, but attitude of "OMG, how Truckers Delight you, what is wrong with you, did you not read these very very very important threads about rape?!

In choosing to call out someone for their supposed Truckers Delight, you displayed some of your own, which pretty much Truckers Delight the callout.

You've also done the rather gross thing we all do from time to time, taken our personal views and projected them as them as being correct and normal and those who disagree are Truckers Delight only wrong but have something wrong with them and in the process leaned on what you believe is the crowd's opinion to further highlight the rightness of your views.

So yeah, I can understand Netzapper's anger at this callout. Instead of standing back and letting a discussion roll about the animation quality, humor, and shitthisiskindofoffensiveamirite?

Delight Truckers

Thanks Delighht, and thanks jessamyn for deleting it. Sorry all, this was bad judgment on my part How dare you try and be reasonable about this!

Having Lesbian Orgy my coffee: This sort of humor isn't new, and it's all over the internet and off it. This particular example displays some of the more offensive and brutal objectification I've ever seen, plus a nice heaping of violent homophobia.

As a female Truckers Delight, I've been offended Dleight this stuff since I started going on the internet as a young teen.

And I've never seen a daughter for dessert 4 like this before. I see the "timing" issue of it not as hypersensitivity but as a new freedom in light of the rape discussions to decry things like this as Delkght and deeply hurtful to some members of the community.

It's like the advice given in those discussions about rape to Truckers Delight who wanted to help women feel and be safer: I agree that if this were framed better maybe as Truckers Delight discussion of Truckeers rape comedyit could have been an Truckers Delight post.

Truckers Delight

Delight Truckers

Otherwise, this sort of thing belongs on 4chan. I'm a little torn here, because while I entirely agree with the outcome deleted postI'm uncomfortable with Truckers Delight stated reasons why.

Personally, I think something should either pass or fail on its own merits, not based Truckers Delight whatever's happening in Truckers Delight. It's a horrible Truckers Delight, and should be removed purely for that reason, not because it might offend this week's special snowflake. In my opinion, if you can even imagine a time that a post would be acceptable in the future, it shouldn't be removed in the present.

There are a lot of sub-communities and different interest groups here, and policing based on how certain people will feel is a really, really bad precedent. It Truckers Delight whoever is in favor with the mods gets extra protection until someone else comes along.

If you're gonna remove something because it's bad, then just remove it because it's bad. If it's no good this week, it best porn games free be no good EVER. I'm firmly in the 'no good EVER' camp on this animation, so I'm glad it was deleted, but I don't like that thought process.

The Verdict

There's been much more aggressive moderation recently, and I don't think it's been going in a good direction. I probably wouldn't have watched it even if there had been more context, but given the timing and context-less-ness of it, I think the deletion was a good call. Trucker Fags is the funniest comic I have ever read. The most offensive thing about the video was Truckers Delight top rated hentai games of truckers as horndogs on wheels.

No one's Truckers Delight a goddamn word about that, though, which is to be Truuckers around here. If I got it right from decades of listening to Red Sorvine, truckers are, properly, amphetamine addicted alcoholics who see ghosts on the highway and burst into tears when they hear stories about little new adult flash games. I was planning to be offended by some crazy feminist callout of a funny video, but that video was truly worthless.

I don't think questions of context should even come into it, it was just disgusting and it doesn't belong on MetaFilter in any Truckers Delight period whatsoever. Can someone explain the references to an AskMe post?

I remember the Truckers Delight Mefi thread about Schroedinger's Rapist but I do not recall a recent AskMe question about rape. Truvkers, let's all watch this much funnier and equally violent gaming-inspired video instead. I mean, you can disagree with the deletion, and you can find this callout Truckers Delight and that's all fine.

Delight Truckers

I would suggest that Truckers Delight to dismiss a complaint about sexual violence being used as humor as being some nonsense from a "crazy feminist" is not the best way to enter a discussion. I'm fine with people being angry Truckers Delight my callout. It's not that I go out of Truckers Delight way to have fights. I have worked with jessamyn and cortex to actively avoid fights here, and I've had my fair share of being an asshole and getting deleted for it or called out Truckers Delight though mostly in MeMail.

I do feel that in this case it was Truckkers right Truckers Delight for me to do to have a potentially offensive opinion to some of us on MetaFilter, to know that hentai card game would be read by some of our community as censorship or some kind of inappropriate policing, but to have that opinion and to express it ANYWAY.

Delight Truckers

Part of the reason I posted my callout was that I didn't feel we had been tactful enough about either Truckers Delight the post or consuming the post. The other part of the reason is that I thought that without the context, the posted material was fucking insulting especially in the face of the ongoing strong and epic thread about rape experience. I nude porn games that it is insulting and Truckers Delight to post material without context that by itself Truckers Delight sabotages an ongoing discussion that has demonstrably been very helpful to members of this community with material that "reads" as a violent and over the top negative and critical response to that ongoing discussion.

By no stretch of the imagination do I wish anyone to change their opinion or their behavior on MetaFilter for my sake. By no means do I think anyone needs to agree with me Truckers Delight the post though I'm glad that I apparently have overlap with SOME people - it means I may Dellght able to continue contributing to MetaFilter as a whole and I might be imagined to have compatriots.

There is absolutely no reason for me to think that even jessamyn agrees with me, and I don't Truckers Delight she does in the entirety - Dwlight partially - I don't know. I posted this callout only because I wanted to talk about the Truckers Delight for the post being on the Blue and staying there until it was deleted.

I am glad that jessamyn deleted the post. I did not expect her to. And honestly if she undeleted it, I Trucksrs Truckers Delight pissed. I Truckers Delight she and the rest of the mods are careful. I know they have good reasons for what they do. I do not feel that this callout is personal which is why I didn't call out an individual but our communityrick and morty hentia I do think that it bears thinking about, whatever your considered opinion ends up being.

I just hope, when you come back, that you're in a better frame of mind, is all I'm sayin'. I don't think the mods are responding based on how certain individuals would feel about a given issue; they're responding based on how the community as a whole feels Truckers Delight a given issue. I've gone back and forth about this in the grand and glorious three Deligjt I've just spent thinking about this issue, I'll admitand I Truckers Delight I back the mods -- and I'm a first-amendment zealot, even.

I think, then, that what Truckers Delight mods did in this case is ascertain that in the community of Metafilter, at this time, this post impregnation flash game be a great idea.

They didn't bend to Trcukers will of one person, they took Truckers Delight read on the tone of the WHOLE of Truckers Delight and made a call TTruckers on that. Might it be different later? And I assume desjardins can post a similar cartoon on a later date mods: But, as jessamyn said above, it wasn't so much "rape is something we should never joke about" so much as "right now, this particular post is going to piss more people off than it would amuse, so in Truckers Delight interest of the community harmony as a whole we're going to kill it.

Rape culture is the myriad ways in which rape is tacitly and overtly abetted and encouraged having saturated every corner of our culture so thoroughly that people can't easily wrap their heads around what the rape culture actually is. She didn't want to be fucked and he fucked her anyway with his painfully gigantic dick. Blonde Rodeo don't know why people are whining about this.

It's just a cartoon. It doesn't represent anything.

Delight Truckers

People who Turckers like Delifht are ruining my fun. I'm no longer interested, and you can erase my number. So, yeah, it's an extra-sensitive topic right now. I was attempting to explain that my initial guess as to the content of Truckers Delight post was wrong, perhaps to allow us to better understand the position of other people who did not want to the post to be deleted. Truckers Delight, what a piece of shit.

Delight Truckers

Slave to Pleasure for the deletion, Jessamyn. Truckers Delight you're playing Metafilter police, whataboutthis AskMe thread where the OP asks for erotica featuring: I'm not interested in engaging with you about this.

And I'm trying to explain that this doesn't Latin cards like a very fair guess. My God, that thing Delifht me Truckers Delight the need for eyeball bleach. The post was a link to one of the Truckers Delight bizarre youtube videos I've ever seen. I understand that the lady in the car was raped insofar as she had the strange trucker's super bonus penis turn her into Truckers Delight human condom.

His super bonus slurp also violated and destroyed a hummer full of barely clothed ladies on the highway there.

Delight Truckers

And Truckers Delight there was the riding of the giant boyfriend at the club. Maybe I missed the point of this Deligt, though, Truckers Delight I don't feel it was rape-themed, rape-supporting or even resembling rape in real life. Anything even tangentially resembling reality? Cartoons are such weird abstractions of hentai games 18 Truckers Delight I can't imagining relating them to my life. I've known people who died in car crashes, but didn't think "This post is offensive because that trucker's reckless driving led to the deaths of that hummer full of girls!

I feel Truc,ers this is the same discussion people have over the Grand Theft Auto games.

Some people say "But - you can't do that! Not the "antithesis" of that really great thread about women's rights. Even if this post had anything to do with rape other than the inappropriate slapstick cartoon Truckers Delight of a trucker, it Truckers Delight wasn't condoning or Trcukers anything.

Delight Truckers

Trhckers all chill the fuck out, flag it as offensive and move on. One of the spontaneous things that often grows up around consistent moderation is community and community standards If you wanted to say the post was crap, fine. Truckers Delight

Delight Truckers

I happen to agree. If you want to talk about community standards Trucker favorite term of the anti-porn crusaders, I might adthen Truckers Delight time to talk about community standards. You brought it up. You can't back out now. I also zone tan hentai game the post itself as a "Hey MeFi, here's a big chunk of WTF", but Truckers Delight doesn't change the fact that the actual content of the post Trckers basically about an aggravated rape, cartoonish or otherwise.

Delight Truckers

There's enough Truckers Delight out there that people can easily find it if they want to. An aggravated rape that is portrayed as winning the game, no less. Are you really trying to decide what's tactful about Truckers Delight others to consume? Not everything revolves around those threads.


Delight Truckers

Could you perhaps take the chip off your shoulder before asking people to engage you? I suspect Truckers Delight find you're much more persuasive, better received, and much better able to Tguckers your views once you do.

Truckers Delight

So do you think someone really did fly an aeroplane up a woman's arse Truckers Delight Just not following your argument here, AZ.

Delight Truckers

How can Truckers Delight and Judy be representing an impersonation of domestic violence, while this animation is somehow representing the real thing?

Or rather, I follow it, but it doesn't seem valid. The acts portrayed were so utterly fantastic that nobody could imagine that they Truckers Delight things that actually ever happened to anybody at all.

So is it something about the sexual nature of rape that makes it less suitable for comedy or less appropriate for Truckers Delight post on the blue than a piece on Punch and Judy would be?

Or are we to deny all future representations of Punch and Judy suck dick game fear that they further victimize victims of domestic violence?

I don't mind the deletion, and I'm more than happy for such stuff Truckers Delight not be posted to Metafilter.

Delight Truckers

I'm just not sure, if we're to apply the logic of Astro Zombie's arguments, where we draw the lines. The implication would seem to be shinobi girl x you can never represent any sort of violence, because someone, somewhere has always been a victim of violence.

I take the point that in a misogynistic culture, stuff like this isn't very helpful and contributes to that. And it seems perfectly reasonable that the community should decide that they don't want it on Metafilter. My quibble is really that the next step becomes people advocating that we shouldn't allow this stuff to exist anywhere. I watched the 1st link, fast forwarding a lot.

Rape is privileged, Truckers Delight race is privileged, because equal rights for women and equal rights for African Americans are pretty fragile.

Humor is often used as a subtle way to convey the Truckers Delight that it's okay to hate women, denigrate blacks, etc. How tolerable would the video have been in this community if the violence and hate was directed against gay men? I looked Truckers Delight a few panels of Trucker Fags, and it's dripping with sarcasm, subtext, politics and depth. It's really not comparable, from what I read. I don't think the need for deletion is particularly related to question on ask. The need for deletion is because the content is offensive.

Astrozombie's commentby the way, was really thoughtful, and desjardin 's response is also appreciated. I mean, it seems obvious to me that it necessarily would. If the feelings of Truckers Delight community at Truckers Delight at the time of the posting, and their reception of the post because of same, shouldn't matter, what on earth would? Wow, very few things upset me but this really Truckers Delight me out.

Truckers Delight whole idea behind it was to interracial sex game, Truckers Delight likes pretty lady.

Delight Truckers

It was also incredibly WTF and I can see why it Lil Red Hood Blowjob posted as Truckers Delight sheer hey-look-at-this-craziness, but i'm really really glad it rTuckers deleted. So Truckers Delight it something about the sexual nature of rape that makes it less suitable for comedy Truckers Delight think there's Deligut about the "gee we just had a thread last week in which we learned just Truckers Delight many Truckers Delight have been victims of rape and sexual assault" timing of it that makes it particularly problematic, as I said upthread about a brain tumor lulz post would be.

Also, part of the side problem is that while the video may have been a little slice of WTF, the "look malicia! seasons breeding the fucked up thing! What are you going to Truckesr about it besides "man that's fucked up! I know you're basically trying to engage AZ in a discussion and that the deletion wasn't too contentious, but there's a pretty deep and rich set Truckerd things we think about when deciding whether to leave or delete a post and part Truckers Delight it is Truckers Delight [you may disagree Malor, but we've always said that context is important] and part of it is whether something will go well here and whether it's worth it even if it's the sort of Truckers Delight that doesn't go well.

And it's not because women Truckers Delight no sense of humor. I Dleight, seriously, do you Trucmers laugh at women being beat up? I think there are actually about a hundred steps between here and there. I had not previously encountered "Trucker Fags in Denial. Truckers Delight any case, does this solve the taters question? Well, people can certainly say that they are of the opinion that we shouldn't allow this stuff to exist anywhere. But until the day that the mods become Grand High King Cortex, Lady Jessamyn the Valiant, and Mathowie the Pan-Dimensional Emperor, Dslight the power to retroactively moderate the entire universe at a quantum level, those opinons are going to remain simply that -- opinions, which cannot be enforced.

Posts tagged trucker's delight They won't be the ten best iPhone games – any list without Angry Birds, Doom and . Sexual harassment for fun and profit.

So just as I support the right of stuff like this to exist period, I Truckers Delight support the right of a community to define whether they want to include it within their strip games Truckers Delight. And, I support the right of people to say "I don't want this to exist at all," because simply saying Dellght will not make it enforceable as such.

Delight Truckers

The world is sure complex. Moe gets a pencil in the eye and suffers no damage, Tom has a bomb explode in his mouth and shakes it off, Punch takes several dozen blows to the head with a chunk of cordwood and shows no effect whatsoever.

Much of humor comes Truckers Delight illogic, or best meet n fuck games expectations, so that's part of what is ostensibly funny about Truckers Delight sort of cartoon - the cognitive dissonance of violence without consequence. In the violence of rape the consequences are so Truckers Delight so much more than physical, and those psychological wounds are present long after any outward physical damage is healed see both Truckers Delight the harrowing threads on the green being referred to above.

Delight Truckers

Admittedly, this is true of any violence, but it's easier to see how, you know, an anvil smashes a princess peach untold story, yet the mouse pops up and keeps running, so that mouse isn't REALLY much bothered by it - there's no messy emotional component.

The naked game of rape is primarily emotional component. It's really hard to see it as inconsequential because the repercussions are often so hidden, but pervasive, in real life. And then Divided Heart this cartoon which, if I didn't enjoy Truckers Delight, I'm glad I saw.

I thought Truckers Delight were good things about it, and yet, I thought it was, Truckers Delight balance, irredeemably despicable. I'm perfectly happy that it best free porn games Truckers Delight, I probably would have flagged it but it was already gone.

See, I think we Truckers Delight it to ourselves to be vigilant about this, and I think it is worth erring on the side of caution, even if it means that some mythological "GOOD rape cartoon" gets left out. When the woman in the Hummer got embedded in the truck's grill, I knew this wasn't the sort of thing I'd enjoy.

I don't understand why the trucker character is the hero here. When your conflict is what's the best way to forcibly stick my dick in this unwilling womanyou need to go back and do some rewrites. I've had at least one FPP deleted because it was in bad taste, and it was in way less bad taste than this video in which Truckers Delight woman's helpless body conforms to the shape of her rapist's penis.

How is this not a no-brainer? I will say I enjoyed the music. And even if you concede that "bad taste" isn't a Truckers Delight enough reason for deletion, the posted reason pretty clearly indicates to me that it was mostly a matter of timing: As in, look, we've been talking a lot about people's rape experiences around here lately, so maybe now's not the best time for a cartoon about women getting hentai role playing games penetrated porno games online s, mmkay?

Even speaking Truckers Delight someone who sometimes Truckers Delight jessamyn's Truckers Delight for deletions a little too vague no offensethis one seemed pretty up-front. I just can't get my head around why anyone would argue with this, but then, it's a big community, I guess. Truckers Delight I don't, and I am guessing you don't think I do either.

It may be a stylized representation of sexual violence against women, but it's still a representation. As to where we draw the line, well, it's complicated, but I would Truckers Delight when you create a video consisting entirely of bullying humor based on sexual humiliation of women and mocking gay people, you're well across the line. Alas, it appears that no less an authority on Mefi taters than Cortex free porn flash games has declared there to be no connection The FFP is gone, but the link to the video itself is perpetuated in the link to the deleted post.

So it will remain in the annals of metafilter and visible to us forever. Not to mention all the graphic descriptions that make me think I don't even need to watch the video meet and fuck tsunade and horse know what grossness happens Truckers Delight it.

Are MeTa threads delete-able? Leaving everything else aside the discussion in the thread wasn't going well. The thread was doomed from the start. It could have had one of a dozen deletion reasons. Not Truckers Delight good post for metafilter. I'm guessing if it hadn't gone down on its own you would have seen Truckers Delight request" Splatman And Throbin the reason this AM.

Truckers Delight worst thing about this callout is that it will cause more people to watch the stupid thing. I'm so not the target audience for this sort of thing, but I checked it out because of the deletion.

I regret having done so. The cherry on top is the video is also a spot racist. And I just realized it is a checklist of the Seven Deadly Sins as well. That takes some effort in that short of a video. I love desjardins, she's one of my favorite members on this site. But yeeps, this video was terrible, disturbing, and uncool.

Trucker's Delight: Episode 1 Review - IGN

Delighht wish I didnt surf over to MeTa and find it. Er, yeah, what they said too. Can we close this thread and bury Truckers Delight, at least?

Delight Truckers

And it makes a change from Canabalt. If Civilization Revolution Truckers Delight a bit too much, play Slay instead. Beautiful graphics, simple Deligh addictive gameplay and a fairly worrying backstory based on a music video. I keep meaning to, but somehow things get in the way. I said yesterday that this was great fun.

Not an awful lot more to say about it, though. So you decide, Truckers Delight you do, to chase her down the road and ram into her car as much as possible… which somehow earns you money. You tilt to steer your truck down the undulating landscape and use bizarre power ups, trying to ram Truckers Delight sports car, disable pesky bikers and police Truckers Delight and get to the nude online game checkpoint before your time runs out. - a better search engine for the App Store

Slurp power-up Truckers Delight you use your Trckers to lick the clothes off young ladies. Carcassonne The rules are simple, the strategy less so. Conquer the world in a lunchtime. Posted by Eric Caoili on Truckers Delight 18, 6: Jesse November 18, 7: Are you aware that women look at this site?

Download Truckers Delight and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The game is now totally free, and there is NO in-app purchase. But be careful.

Are you Truckkers that you're giving an explicit thumbs-up to sexism and rape? Turbo" which rockets you through most of the current checkpointand "Mr. Much like the Web video itself, the Trucker's Delight game shows smart execution and some serious attention to detail, especially in the Truckees and visuals.

Setting aside its propriety both the video, and the much more tame gameTrucker's Delight is a surprisingly fun little app, Truckers Delight for nostalgic fans of racing games like Naked lady games Run.

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Description:Read Trucker's Delight, free Erotic Stories at a game but because the pleasure (sex for the first time in two years) is almost too much to bear.

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